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    Galilee Baptist Church was founded in 1943 in Seattle, Washington by a group of believers with a desire to reach the Northwest with the gospel of Jesus Christ and to maintain a strong biblical testimony in this region. By the grace of God, the independent, Bible-believing, Baptist church which began many years ago continues to this day. We hold to the traditional text, and have traditional music and services, but we are not living in the past. We look forward to God’s will being done today and in the days ahead.

    Our services are filled with Bible teaching that is doctrinally sound. This builds stable lives in the midst of circumstances that are sometimes chaotic. Services also include relevant application of God’s truth which will answer the tough questions that come up in our modern society. God’s Word has answers for all of life.

    We really want to fulfill the Great Commandments and the Great Commission given by Jesus. He said that the greatest commandment is to love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. We want everyone who attends our church to grow in their love for the true and living God. Then Jesus added that the second greatest commandment is to love your neighbor as yourself. We want love, directed by the Scripture and prompted by the Holy Spirit, to permeate our congregation so that others will know that we are Jesus’ disciples.

    Jesus also gave the Great Commission—which is to proclaim the gospel and then to disciple those who have come into God’s family. We want to share the gospel of the love of God with our community and then help God’s people to grow in their personal relationship with the Savior and in their service for Him.

    Some think it’s a bit old fashion to stick so closely to the Bible, but as we proclaim His Word, love the brethren, and seek to influence the world for Christ, you will see that our warmth is real, our worship is sincere, and our service is genuine. We would be honored to have you give us a visit and then stay a while so we can get to know you.

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